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when’s the last time you gave yourself freedom to explore the depths of your imagination?
— aaron paschal

mortal man

a photo essay


mortal man is a upcoming photo essay that i conceived last week, and one that i have to bring life to.

i’m looking to photograph and talk to men of all ages and backgrounds about mortality. how we deal with “or avoid dealing with” the emotions of losing someone close to us. how we process the fact that no matter how “tough” we think we are, we are not invincible.

i want to talk about the legacy/footprints that we hope to leave behind. i’m looking to explore this from all angles.

please let me know if you would like to be a part of this photo essay and we will schedule your session from there.

fill out the form to sign up to participate and tell your story.
— mortal man
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best date for your portrait

the way i see it...

these images were featured in my exhibit at third perk coffee house & wine bar in dayton, oh.

most have sold but there a still a few available to view/purchase.

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