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when’s the last time you gave yourself freedom to explore the depths of your imagination?
— aaron paschal

Ghetto Walkin'


photography exhibit by aaron Paschal | AP2 Photography

10.20.18 | Third and Perk | 46 w 5th St. | Dayton, OH 



Dayton Weekly News

Local Artist Displays Incredible Visual Art

By: AziaAcu’ - Staff Writer Dayton Weekly News

The mid-October chilly evening could have reminded you of a winter day in Chicago. The winds were way above average causing hair scarfs, and bags to whipple around as the people walked the streets. The mood was a light bustle, just enough to know something was brewing below the surface of the open window shops opened for business. Amongst the gray skies on a corner soft yellow light beamed against the window of Third Perk Coffee House and Wine Bar. Upon entrance the energy vibrated in an elaborate mix of earthly union and sanctified freedoms forming the introduction of the night time event. Mr. Aaron Paschal, owner of AP2 Photography, worked quietly and intentionally making sure every visual space of his artwork claimed the proper place against the tall yellow walls in the café’.

The bold detailed black and white prints filled the room commanding the focus of all eyes to them. These pieces were clearly self-expressive works of art that spoke to the inner being of self. They gave off the vibes that it was all right to see the beauty in everything and everything claimed uniqueness. Mr. Paschal who stated that photography happened to be his expressive outlet truly seemed to embody knowing this and in return reward for his tactful approach the room was bestowed with his visuals.

When asked what inspired him Aaron stated that it came from different sources but credited his love for music as a great inspiration. Lining the café’ wall was a section dedicated to different artists that Aaron had the pleasure of capturing their stage performances. There was a prideful gleam in his eyes as he pointed in the direction of many recognizable faces shown on display. As Aaron glided back and forth between one part of the crowded room to the other making sure everyone and everything were harmonious: people were getting lost in the tall walled yellow room on the right. As they stood there looking upon the many different visuals in front of them you could tell they were all touched.

The photos truly possessed a life of their own. One particular one that stood out was the one entitled (Invisible Man.) The story behind it provided the theme as to why it was memorable. Aaron spoke of a time when he pulled over to catch a look at something that caught his eye. As he stopped a man asked him about his older model film camera. He asked if he would take a picture of him in which Aaron did. The gentleman told Aaron that he felt like an invisible man because no one ever acknowledged him. That touched Aaron. Now his picture sat in a room amongst a sea of diversity who could read his story and know who he is. Aaron Paschal’s work speaks like that. It is very personal, yet classic amongst modern day life.

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The night’s event entitled GHETTO WALKIN’ provided a platform for his expression of passion of photography and love of music coming together. Intertwined between jazz musicians such as Robert Glasper and Miles Davis floating in your ear, warm smiles of different ethnicities engaging in deep conversation, and yellow gleams of light from the bold prints neatly on the wall the talented Mr. paschal had a memorable show on a windy night in Dayton.

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Please come out and join me on Saturday, October 20th at 7pm at Third and Perk Coffee House and Wine Bar located at 46 W. 5th St. in the heart of downtown Dayton, Ohio.

The GHETTO WALKIN’ exhibit was inspired by Ralph Ellison’s classic (Invisible Man) novel and Robert Glasper’s (Ghetto Walkin’) song which is a cover of Miles Davis’ (The Ghetto Walk) as well as the imagery of Gordon Parks.

Special Friends from Ghetto Walkin’


Kali (Mukith CrEations Jewelry)

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I met Kali a few years back while shopping at my favorite hat store (BRIM) and was instantly drawn in by her positive energy, her style and knew that I wanted to take her portrait at that very moment! Since that time I have photographed Kali several times and always look forward to our sessions, “more for the conversations and inspiration than the portraits themselves.”

Kali is the owner of Mukith Creations Jewelry and handcrafts all of her pieces. I love her work and I’m sure that you will as well. You can buy her jewelry at BRIM on Fifth in the Oregon District and keep up with her on instagram @mukithcreations.


Tripp Fontane [the city’s son]

rapper | poet | educator | Author | event coordinator

Tripp and I met when I went to assist another photographer on a video shoot. There were other artists there but Tripp’s energy was electric so I approached him about getting together for a portrait session. I took Tripp to a vacant lot where a factory used to be and as fate would have it that lot was literally two blocks from his childhood home and Tripp and I have been vibing every since.

Tripp is a a rapper, poet, educator and author (All Is Fair) A Collection of Poems and Thoughts on Love. He is also a founding member of the spoken word group Underdog Academy.

You can contact Tripp for inquiries directly at:

And be sure to follow him on instagram: @trippfontane + facebook: Tripp Fontane + twitter @TrippFontane

Tripp’s book (All Is Fair) A Collection of Poems and Thoughts on Love can be purchased on here on amazon.

Permission to Cry


Permission To Cry

Tripp also participated in the MORTAL MAN photo essay and his piece (Permission to Cry) can be read here.

Permission To Cry by: Tripp Fontane

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Special thanks to my wife Carri for helping me choose images for the exhibit and dealing with prints and boxes and all over the house. Thank you to Juanita and the entire staff of Third Perk for allowing me to share my vision with your customers. Big ups to Dan Tres Omi for being the host for the night! To my brother Steve for coming down from Detroit and always there for me to bounce creative ideas around with and to everyone that came out and had a great time with us! you are appreciated!