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Mortal Man is a ongoing photography essay that was conceived on the night of November 22, 2017. I woke up the following morning with a vision and began working on it that same afternoon by outlining a plan, photographing myself and writing an essay - (All in a Name) in which I discussed the impact that my father’s death had on my life. I shared this essay and announced the Mortal Man project on social media - offering a platform for other men to share their stories.

Men of all ages and social backgrounds have responded by sharing their stories and experiences with issues ranging from the death of loved ones, their own near death experiences, the mental aspect of aging and various trials and tribulations that have had a lasting effect on their mental well-being. In turn Mortal Man has provided an outlet for men that has allowed some to reach the healing process and to receive love and support from their families and friends as well as people that they have never met.

The photographs that accompany the essays are simple yet impactful. They are shot against a clean, black backdrop keeping the viewer's attention solely on the men, their emotions and their stories. The portrait sessions take place one-on-one providing an intimate setting that allows the men to feel comfortable to open up, to be vulnerable and bear witness to their stories.

Mortal Man Supporters

Carri Paschal, LeKeisha Grant, Steven C. Anderson, Michael Carter, Deicer Delfin, Derrick and Terra Banks-Pernell

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