the pursuit...


one thing i've learned about myself is that when i decide i want something or if i have a goal that i want to accomplish it consumes me. i focus on it and i go after it like crazy. understanding that i can't get everything that i want or accomplish every goal that i set but if i fall short it won't be because of lack of effort.

this past week was a perfect example of that. i won't get into the details yet but i realized that i wanted to do something that would require some help from people/companies that didn't even know i existed. everyday i made a point to reach out to at least three different outlets and now i seem to be in a position that far exceeds my initial goal.

yes, i worked hard towards my goal last week but the foundation was laid weeks/months/years ago. my grind is constant. i understand the importance of building and nurturing relationships and taking care of people.




cincinnati - summer 2017

in-no-cence: is the quality of having no experience or knowledge of the more complex or unpleasant aspects of life.

i took this image in cincinnati this summer and couldn't help but wonder where this little girl was going or where she was coming from. this was in the over the rhine area of cincinnati which is in a state of transition between low income and gentrification so it's a little rough right now.

she was all alone, riding her bike without a care in the world. me on the other hand? I worried about her, wanted to make sure she was ok and assure that she made it to her destination without incident. i wondered where she would go in life, what opportunities would come her way, "or elude her?"