Durand Jones and the indications

MOtr pub - cincinnati oh


i was introduced to durand jones and the indications music by my dude mike while digging through vinyl at omega records “my home away from home.” through the years mike has picked up on my taste of music which is quite similar to his so he always hits me with suggestions when i’m looking for something new. the self-titled album is hard to describe other than soulfully dope. perfect for vibing out and getting lost in yourself as well as with that special someone.


when the opportunity to photograph their show at motr pub in cincinnati came up I jumped on it and i am so glad that i did! the venue gives you that close intimate feel and durand jones and the indications killed it. if they come your way I definitely suggest going to see them and if you haven’t heard their album check it out and let me know what you think!


it's ok?

lately I've been turned off by people accepting average when they've had the opportunity /capability to make something great. maybe i'm too demanding but i just don't get that mindset. i'm always pushing myself to achieve my best so i'm constantly looking for areas and opportunities to improve so i'm never accepting work that I'm "content" with or that i think is "ok."

i want my work to be dope, to leave an impact... i want to be better than i was yesterday and i make a point to surround myself around people that push me in that direction. push yourself to do your best at whatever it is you do, don't fall into the trap of accepting anything less than your absolute best.


typical; common; ordinary
— being average is overrated

christina + corry

this thing called love

on august 5, 2017 i had the pleasure of documenting christina and corry’s love story at mt. carmel baptist church in cincinnati, oh.

there’s a certain art to capturing the “true” dynamics of a couple. creating a mood and atmosphere that allows them to relax and enjoy each other and show their true personality. lately there’s been a trend with wedding pictures that have couples disengaged with a cold stoic look on their face. well i’ve never been one to follow trends but this one baffles me. this is one of the happiest days of their lives! i love it when my couples wrapped in each others arm, interacting with each other and fully engaged -  leaving no doubt that they are indeed in love!

i was able to capture christina and corry's affection for one another at eden park and the cincinnati art museum “it’s always great when coupled set aside the proper amount of time for creative portraits!” in between their wedding ceremony and their reception. during this time they were greeted with congratulations from people at the park and due the relaxed environment and my approach to documenting love stories we were able to create some dope images that christina and corry will be able to cherish for a lifetime and pass down through generations.

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— aaron paschal

cook's row

by: rachelle smith

the line of store fronts are all smoky bbq, clattering feet and saxophone jazz.

on this busy NOLA street i hear a trumpet tribute as i twist the sign to “open” on my tiny eatery.

i wrap my head in a white scarf and pray by the door.

i want the spirits to eat just as well as we do.

ooo! ooo! ooo!

that gumbo appetite heat wave riot.

tap tap a full glass of water with ice.

summer air as spicy as my rice in tuesday’s blue special.

cook’s row is all people shadowy pavement with clustered conversations.

rat tat tat of a snare.

“giiiiirl!” from across the street there.

smell the louisiana breeze.

new as today.

old as voodou.

taste all the home cooking stories you hear.


rachelle smith

is a spoken word artist residing in dayton, ohio. words are her passion. her poetry and short stories are inspired by personal experiences, spirituality and the drive to move the reader emotionally. chelle also is an author, grade school teacher and graduate of miami university with a b.a. in creative writing.

connect with chelle: instagram - @sculpchelle | twitter @sculpchelle 

the pursuit...


one thing i've learned about myself is that when i decide i want something or if i have a goal that i want to accomplish it consumes me. i focus on it and i go after it like crazy. understanding that i can't get everything that i want or accomplish every goal that i set but if i fall short it won't be because of lack of effort.

this past week was a perfect example of that. i won't get into the details yet but i realized that i wanted to do something that would require some help from people/companies that didn't even know i existed. everyday i made a point to reach out to at least three different outlets and now i seem to be in a position that far exceeds my initial goal.

yes, i worked hard towards my goal last week but the foundation was laid weeks/months/years ago. my grind is constant. i understand the importance of building and nurturing relationships and taking care of people.




cincinnati - summer 2017

in-no-cence: is the quality of having no experience or knowledge of the more complex or unpleasant aspects of life.

i took this image in cincinnati this summer and couldn't help but wonder where this little girl was going or where she was coming from. this was in the over the rhine area of cincinnati which is in a state of transition between low income and gentrification so it's a little rough right now.

she was all alone, riding her bike without a care in the world. me on the other hand? I worried about her, wanted to make sure she was ok and assure that she made it to her destination without incident. i wondered where she would go in life, what opportunities would come her way, "or elude her?"

patience + timing + faith

these three words come into play anytime you're working towards a dream or goal. at times it may seem like you're not getting anywhere or that you're constantly trekking uphill. most of the time success doesn't come easy or overnight, it takes sacrifice, dedication and a constant grind.

the key is to believe in yourself and trust the process... be patient.

things don't always happen when we want them to or when we think they should.  that doesn't mean that they won't, keep grinding and put yourself in position to take advantage of opportunities when the timing is right.

doubt can be your worst enemy. not from other people but from within. we have a tendency to hold ourselves back more often than not by second guessing ourselves. you have to believe in you, constantly challenge yourself to be a better you and have faith.

kill the city...

kill the city
whatever dreams or goals you have go about them with the mindset that you are going to kill the city!
— Aaron Paschal

it's funny to me when i hear people talk about "taking over the world" but never put forth any effort to make an impact in their current city/location. being from the gem city of dayton, oh i hear this all the time. i guess i just see things differently... there's not a lot of things here in dayton - which to me means there's tons of opportunities and potential. all you have to do is identify a need, devise a plan and put in work to make it happen. i know it's not as simple as it sounds but that's my approach to life. things may not all ways work out but if i believe in it i'm going to everything i can to see where it takes me. 

there are a lot of talented photographers in the dayton area. i consider myself one of them, "actually one of the best if i'm to be honest!" i have no desire to be average, i want my work and my images to make a statement. the "kill the city" picture that accompanies this article was taken on a photowalk i took this spring when i was out testing an old film camera i plan on taking on future trips. when i saw it this tagged on the sidewalk it immediately spoke to me. before i take on the rest of the world i need to kill the city that i'm in. by that i mean produce killer work that is known and respected throughout the city. to be the first name out of people's mouth "or keyboard" when they mention local photographers.

whatever dreams or goals you have go about them with the mindset that you are going to "kill the city!"